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Using a warm honey, this treatment is a great method of hair removal, taking the hair from the root leaving a smooth finish for up to 4 weeks.

Clients  new to waxing should have at least 3-4mm of hair growth and ideally have sessions at 2 or 3 weekly intervals for the first few visits.  Hairs tend to grow in different cycles  but after  several sessions hairs then start to come through at the same time, the time in between waxing sessions can then be extended.

Facial Waxing
*Top Lip £5.00
*Chin £5.00                 
*Eyebrows £6.00
*Eyebrow, re-shape and tidy £8.00

Upper Body
*Hands £5.00
Under Arms £8.00
Forearms/Elbows £10.00
*Navel Line £5.00
Back £10.00
Full Stomach £10.00

Lower Body
*Feet £5.00
1/2 Leg £12.00
3/4 Leg (including knees) £15.00
Full Leg (including knees, feet and toes) £18.00
Basic Bikini Line (along the knickerline) £12.00
High Bikini Line - (higher sides/top/underneath) £15.00

*Minimum call out applies £10.00 or more in value of treatments required *

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